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We welcome any feedback regarding your shopping experience at DignifiedCaskets.com. Here are what people are saying about their experience... If you prefer to get live feedback, please contact us and we will ask permission from one of our customers to see if it would be alright to have a non-biased conversation about DignifiedCaskets.com

I'm sure that we are not unlike all of your customers, we were in a very emotional time and hoping that we were making the right decision, purchasing our "dads" casket on line. When we were making the arrangements, our mom was sure of only a couple of things and that was the "casket" that my dad was going to be laid to rest in had to be perfect. We started of course with the funeral home that we were dealing with and the prices for the casket my mom wanted were very high and one of my relatives said that we should check on line, we did and that is how we came to your company. You had the casket that my mom wanted and the cost was less than half of what the funeral home wanted... it arrived as you said it would, directly to the funeral home and we did not have to worry about anything once we placed our order.

Upon our arrival at the funeral home we were all so happy that the casket my mom choose for my dad was beautiful and just what she wanted! The funeral home commented on the quality of the casket and they too were impressed with the service and merchandise that you provided.

On behalf of my entire family, "Thank You" for handling that part of a very emotional and sad time for us and making it all that much easier to concentrate on taking care of our mother!

Kim Cook daughter of Aloysius Michels

It has been several weeks since the passing of my mother-in-law...I called and spoke to Matt and ordered a cedar casket for her...The casket arrived within 24 hours to the funeral home and it was beautiful...My father-in-law loved the casket and all of us thought that it was absolutely perfect for her...We received positive comments from the funeral home personnel, from the director of burial at Arlington cemetery and many others that saw it...We can not thank you enough for your help at this difficult time and we will and have recommended you to others...Thank you so much, Matt, for the high quality service that your provide at a very difficult time...


The entire Monroe and Tobias family

I want to THANK YOU for the most amazing opportunity to work with you in a very trying time, and to find your company to be very real and compassionate. I just 2 months ago buried my best friend and could not afford the very steep prices that a funeral home had to offer, your company made it happen and from the heart. If there is anyone out there that is skeptical with ordering from this site just as I was to begin with,please do not be they are so understanding and will help you find exactly what you are looking for I again am on here requesting their expertise and services, I just lost my mother last night October 13-2009 after a terminal illness, I will be counting on this company to do what they do best. These caskets are so beautiful no scratches, dents just perfect for your loved ones. Thank you once again. So ever grateful!

God Bless You and your family


Jamie Garcia

Eugene, Oregon


I welcome the opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the services of Matt and the folks at Dignified Caskets. Matt was always supportive and helpful and encouraging at a very difficult time. He went to great lengths to make sure our casket got to the funeral home on time. We loved the Prime Rose casket - it was so perfect for my wife's mom and couldn't have been more beautiful. Again, thanks to all of you for your fine service, fine products, and for your caring and professional attitude. We appreciate you more than we can say.

Most sincerely,
Ed Coles

"When I made the decision to buy a casket for my mother's funeral online, I felt I was taking a huge risk. The service was in 2 days and there was NO ROOM for error. The alternative was buying a mediocre casket from the funeral home at an astronomical price. DignifiedCaskets.com's Empire Blue Steel casket far surpassed in beauty and quality anything we would have gotten from them, at about 1/6th the price.

Matthew was phenomenal. He answered his phone every time I called, and the one time he wasn't able to, he got back to me within five minutes. He knew at every moment where that casket was in transit, and kept me apprised from, "it's on the plane over Kansas" to "it's just arrived at JFK" and "it's on the truck 15 minutes away." He never let me feel for one minute that I was on pins and needles or unattended. The casket arrived in perfect condition, at the exact minute it was promised, in a perfect, seamless course.

I don't give high praise to many things. Business practices now, in my opinion, are substandard across the board. So it is a lot for me to say this company is awesome. They gave me a quality product, an unbeatable price, perfect service, and an easy transaction at the most difficult moment of my life. The death of my mother is the worst thing I have yet been through. Having to be the responsible one coordinating her funeral when all I wanted to do was curl up and cry made it doubly hard. This is the time in my life I most needed help, and could least afford difficulty and high cost. This company understood all of that. I am deeply grateful to them for the part they played in my mother's memorial."

- Jane Denny and the family of Dorothy J. Sayre

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance thru a very difficult time.

I have to admit, at first I was a bit concerned and skeptical about purchasing a casket on line,

but after viewing what was available thru the funeral home I felt that your selection and prices were far more reasonable.

From the moment I spoke w ith you I felt like you were a dear friend I could trust.

I placed my order with you on Saturday afternoon, you assured me it would arrive within 24 hours. Sunday morning 10 am it was at the funeral home. When I arrived to inspect the casket it was one of the prettiest ones there, even the funeral director commented on how impressed he was with the quality and how he could not have come close to matching your price.

So many friends commented on what a beautiful casket the "Wellington" was, including the priest.

I can't thank you enough for making this difficult time a bit easier... your professionalism and thoughtful words were so comforting at a time when I was very despondent."


Cynthia S.

Greenwich, Connecticut


"Thank you and your associate Mac for being honest people. I apologize for the unprofessional ism that I displayed to you and Mac do to the lack of commutation on my part. The casket arrived in great shape and when you said it would. My family and I was very impressed with the quality of the casket including the funeral director, and most of all I was very impressed with the shipping arraignments that your company provided, for I was faced with a very short time frame for making the arraignments of my fathers funeral. Once again Thank You and forgive me for being doubtful of your company and operation."

Thank You

Investigator Gerald Mooney

"My family and I would like to take this opportunity to say " thank you " to Matt and to the employees of DignifiedCaskets for your kindness and exceptional service during my family's time of sorrow. The casket we ordered for our beloved mother was delivered as promised and on time, within 30 hours to the funeral home. My wife and I inspected the casket with our funeral director at the time of delivery.The promised delivery time was 1:30PM and the casket was delivered at 1:40PM. Due to the bad winter weather and snowy conditions, we considered this to be exceptional delivery service. The casket was beautiful and perfect for our mother. We highly recommend your company to our family and friends."


Charles and Louise L.


"Thank you so much for your excellent help and the quality of the casket I recently pruchased from you for my husband. It was exactly like one I had viewed at the funeral home but about half the price. At a time when there is so much expense it is a blessing to find you. Thanks again and thanks for answering all my questions and help in printing out my check out."

Janice Robinson

Kahoka, Missouri

"I have been meaning to get back to you for some time now. I need to let you know that you and your company did a tremendous job!

Before you, the only items I ordered online were hubcaps and icemaker parts and I need to tell you that I was very hesitant to order my father's casket online. I watch Dateline, 20/20 and many of those news programs that almost every week show innocent consumers being taken advantage of from people that their only objective is to make money - not caring about the people that they screw over.

Obviously I don't know you but you took the time with me over the phone to put aside my fears. You assured me that the casket would be delivered on time and would be very good quality. I ordered it and it arrived the next day just like you said. And it was beautiful! Prior to finding you online, I went on the casket tour at the funeral home and they were selling similar caskets for $4,000 - $6,000. The funeral director asked me how much I paid for the casket and I told him $1900 including delivery and his comment was, "that's a good price".

You are a man of your word and I have to tell you - there are not too many people out there nowadays that keep their word. On behalf of myself, my brothers and my sister, thank you. Please thank everyone involved at your company also. I will recommend your company to anyone that has this need in the future."


John Hichew

Algonquin, Illinois

"I would like to take this time to sincerely thank you for your professionalism, compassion and honesty in assisting me with the purchase and delivery of the casket I purchased from you for my father's burial. As you are aware, in the Jewish religion one has to be buried within a 24 hour period. Once my family and I viewed the "Traditional Pine Box" that the funeral parlor sold us, we all said "that there was no way we could let dad be laid to rest in such a box", traditional or not. The funeral parlor had other caskets, but they neither appealed to us or they were extremely expensive. That is when my brother-in law found your company on the Internet. Dad's was a carpenter and Poplar was his favorite type of wood. We found a Cherry Poplar casket on your website, it looked beautiful and was reasonable priced. The concern was getting it from your location to the State of New Jersey from Thursday 2:00 pm EST when I first called you, to the next day Friday morning, for a burial service scheduled at 1:00pm EST. You assured me that the casket will arrive on time with overnight special delivery. The casket did arrive on time as you promised, even though the funeral director made me to believe that I was scammed because there was a short delay due to normal traffic conditions. In addition, the funeral parlor told me that the casket I ordered was 2" too wide for the grave. He did his best for me to cancel your order, even while your casket was in transit to his parlor, and to buy one from him at a greater price. That is when you told me to trust you, that this was the correct casket for the situation, and I put my faith in you, without ever meeting you in person. The casket fit just fine."

"We all have reservations about ordering and purchasing products over the internet. And never in my wildest dreams would I have thought to have purchased a casket for my father this way. I can only say to others who are thinking about using you and your company for a purchase of a casket, that they can be rest assured that you and your company are an honest, respectable, reliable operation and you are all those plus a compassionate person. We also have received many, many compliments on the "Poplar Casket" on how beautiful it was, even the funeral director mentioned that it was a nice casket. God bless you, and thanks for all the emotional support in such a trying time to get me and my family through such a tough situation."


Paul Nisen & Family

"I would like to thank you very much for such professional service. You were there in our dear time of need. We have dealt with our local funeral home for over 30 years with many members of our family and friends. Although they have been sold and repurchased by the original owers son. It is not the same. They have built an extravagant large building with a high class atmosphere and claim to be homefolk. Well they are to high and mighty to be homefolk servers now, and their prices are out of sight. Our father was a retired farmer and would have expected us to bury him with a simple service and a casket that did not break his bank. With your help we recieved and absolutely beautiful casket "Gone Home". The casket itself was so much nicer than what online showed, although the picture on line zoomed in was great.
Your kindness can never be repaid here on earth but your reqard is definetly awaiting you on the other side. When it arrived at the funeral home, I went and inspected it and it was perfect. I will pass the word to all I can help hold their costs down. I never dreamed of buying a casket on line, but once investigated I knew and felt it was the right thing to do for our brothers and sisters financial situation. Again, May God Bless You always and we may well need you again in the future."
God Bless You,
The Couch Children

I'm sorry I am so late, but I just wanted to say thank you. The casket that we purchased from you was just as beautiful as my mom. Your genuine nature over the telephone was also very much appreciated during our time of need. Keep doing what you doing because it is truely a blessing.

Baltimore, MD


Want to thank you for your prompt service. Our mom had passed away with no arrangements. She lived in North Carolina and was to be buried in Falls Church Va. My brother found your web site and notified me. I viewed the casket he liked and made the call to your company and talked to Matt. He was very curtious. I explained the need for the casket to be at the funeral home in Arlinton Va. no later than May 29, 2008. He said the casket could be shipped express. It arrived the day before the viewing. The casket met every expectation of the family. Thank you again.

Stanley & Debbie Davis

San Marcos, Ca.

THANKS A MILLION for your wonderful service. I called from Virginia and ordered the Briar Rose casket and had to have it delivered to Spokane Washington by the next morning. As promised by your company, the delivery was made the very next morning and the casket was beautiful. As a result, we were proud to have such a lovely resting place for our beloved mother/grandmother.

We highly recommend your company as a five star company and would be happy to be a reference if anyone asks.

Dee Felker

Midlothian, Virginia

"The death of my father has been difficult for my family. On top of the grief, my family and I have been undergoing a lot of stress making all the funeral arrangements. During these past few days, dealing with the funeral industry has been an eye-opener for me. I am constantly amazed by how certain people in this industry are more than willing to prey on the grief of others in order to make an extra buck. However, the moment I spoke to you, Matt, about ordering a casket, you have been the silver lining during this nightmare.

Although you were not obligated to do so, you spent a lot of time on the phone with me, informing me of my rights and giving me helpful advice with respect to the other details of the funeral. The funeral director not only wanted to sell me an overpriced casket, but subtly suggested difficulties for me if I ordered a casket elsewhere (he was skating a fine line regarding the FTC's Funeral Rule, but was savvy enough not to come close, but not violate it). When I told you everything that was going on and my discomfort by how I was being treated, you listened and helped me through it. I am so very glad there are people like you whom, and a company like yours that, others can turn to, and rely on, and trust.

The casket that I selected with your help arrived at the funeral home today, which was less than 24 hours since we had spoken. The casket is absolutely beautiful, as you described, and I cannot think of a more dignified casket for my father to be buried in.

Again, on behalf of my family and especially my dad, I want to thank you for, and will never forget, your kindness, helpfulness and thoughtfulness during such a difficult time for our family."

Best regards,
The Lee Family
Oakland, California

"During a time of shock and bereavement, when a loved one dies, it is easy to make quick, yet uninformed decisions. When I was told that my father had died, my sister and I decided to research the key items needed to prepare a funeral. I was "surfing" various websites and happened upon, Dignifiedcaskets.com. The pictures were clear and the website was easy to navigate. Once we'd selected two caskets, I'd called, Matthew and he was able to walk me through the process. I didn't want him to make the decision however, he was most helpful in describing the various types of caskets, and what we should look for in terms of construction."

"My father died on a Friday and we'd selected the casket and made most of the funeral arrangements by Sunday evening. The casket arrived in New York, by Monday evening, two full days before the funeral. The casket was outstanding! Many guests attending the funeral commented on the quality of the casket. I would say that ordering through Dignifiedcaskets, with shipping, we saved at least $4,000!. More importantly, we had peace of mind that we'd purchased a quality product. Their products are top shelve, the service is unbeatable- Dignifiedcaskets delivers!"

C. Jones
Baltimore, Maryland
S. Jones
New York, New York
April 21, 2008

"Even through all the difficulties that we experienced initially, due to our own indecision, you guys made our experience great. The funeral home actually called us at home and tried to negotiate a better price on one of their caskets and couldn't come close to your price. Not to mention, the casket they were offering was not of the same exceptional quality as yours. We couldn't be more pleased with what we ordered. It arrived from Utah to SC in a timely manner & was packaged to prevent any scratches or dings. We were at the funeral home when it was unpacked and we were so moved when we actually saw the beautiful detail. My mother-in-law would have been so pleased.
We were not expecting to have to go through such a devastating ordeal, nor were we left with a great deal of financial resources at our disposal. Our greatest fear was that we were going to have to settle for something second rate to bury the dearest person in our lives. The horror of that thought, compounded with the worry of finances was a great stress for the whole family. Finding your website was an answer to prayer. Although the hurt in our heart will be there for a long time, we find consolation in knowing we buried our mother in a "dignified" manner. Thank you again. We are eternally grateful!"
-The Bivens Family
South Carolina

"I went in to finalize arrangements for my mother's funeral and found out that the casket arrived today. It is beautiful and I really do appreciate the caring and gentle attitude your company has taken to provide excellent service and an excellent product for my mother's burial. I did not realize that the lining was going to be velvet velour with beautiful pink rose embroidery. I guess I must have been under more stress than I realized when I spoke with Matt on the 17th. Please let him know how much I appreciate his assistance and advice in the choice of caskets. Shawn was very impressed with the quality of the casket and the timely delievery response time. He told me that he was skeptical from past experiences with folks buying caskets on the internet, but this is a high quality 18 gauge steel casket with a beautiful liner.

Thank you for the sevice Dignified Caskets provides to the public. I am not at all disappointed and will recommend your company to folks who are looking for such services in the future."

Sincerely thankful,

Deborah Gagnon

Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your responsiveness, follow up, and service at this difficult time in our family.

the casket was just as beauiful as pictured on your web site and my wifes family was very pleased with their decision.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for any customers who might have concerns about your services or your ability to deliver a casket in 24 hrs or less.

thanks again,


"Just wanted to let you know that the casket was beautiful. It saved us around 1200.00 dollars.Thanks for all of your help."

Patrick Brewer and Family


Dear Matthew,

We recently used www.DignifiedCaskets.com and we were extremely satisfied with your services. We ordered a casket at 4:00pm, from you in Utah, on Thursday and received it to Long Island, NY by 10:30am on Friday. The casket was just as beautiful as you said! In fact it was even more beautiful then we could have imagined. It had embroidery and detail that was just remarkable. You are a gentlemen and it was a please doing business with you and your company. Thank you again!


Vincent A. O’Leary

Long Island, New York

"I was very pleased with the product and service I received form your company. Out of the whole funeral process, buying the casket was the easiest task. The funeral home wanted $2,000 more for the same exact casket. Thank you all so much for being very helpful each time I called. The price was great, the casket was perfect, the delivery was easy and worry free, and I was more than satisfied. You guys should be very proud of the way you conduct business."

Thank You,

Jessica B
Strathmore, CA

"...I worked in the funeral business in high school and some during my first years of college. I know the markup of caskets which can range from double to times 10 in some areas. In western Oklahoma where I worked years ago, I know that the Solid Wood Cherry Casket that I purchased from you guys would have gone at the funeral home for 3 to 4 times what I paid you guys for the casket, shipping, and freight insurance. The major supplier for that area is Batesville and their mandated forced pricing is outragious and their product line in the area of cherry wood is of poorer quality. It is easy for someone who has worked in the industry to see the difference in simple things as the grain finish of the wood. The grain in your Solid Wood Cherry Casket stands out at the highest level of quality of wood finishing and is a bargin at your price compared to the high pressure tactics used by some funeral homes on pricing. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would absolutely give you guys a 10 for the highest rating for PRICING, QUALITY OF THE CASKET ITSELF, DELIVERY, AND PURE OLD FASHION SATISFACTION and fun conversation with you. My situation was to prepare for the future for my step mother at her request.
I am very happy I could take care of what she wanted and not guess at what she wanted after her passing. You guys feel free to give my phone number or email to anyone that has a question about purchasing a product from you and especially if they are wondering if you are legit with the pricing being so small compared to what people end up paying a funeral home. Funeral homes have to make some money, but they should not be allowed to rob people at a very stressed time in their lives either.

You both have my most sincere regards and have my highest marks in business ethics."

Kevin E Daugherty
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the kind and considerate way you dealt with me during a very emotional time. Your sensitivity and humor made it very bearable. Secondly, the casket we picked was gorgeous and exactly what my cousins and I wanted for our Mother/Aunt.
Your prompt delivery was appreciated more than you know. I have already recommended Dignified Caskets to several people and they were amazed at the cost savings and the ease of the whole process. Thank you again for being the one company that didn't try and gouge us during this difficult period. You will forever have our business when the need arises."
Danielle W.
Phoenix, AZ

"Your company provided us with a service standard of excellence during our recent need. The casket itself was very attractive and the quality was certainly price meritorious. I was favorably impressed with the reality of your delivery promises and summarily would not hesitate to refer you to other people expressing a like need."


Donna L
San Leandro, CA

"My main reason for sending this email is to express my sincere gratitude to you for your kindness in helping with the best choice of casket that my daddy was buried with. Your assistance helped with the timely arrival and it all went well. He had a dignified and befitting burial.

Once again, thank you so much. May the Special Grace of God Almighty be with you always. May fullness of joy be your portion always."

God Bless you,
Ann B.
Wheaton, MD

"We were very pleased with the product and service we received from your company. The funeral home wanted $2,000 and up for a casket, so we decided not to go that way and look online. That's when we came upon your website. We were amazed with the price ranges for each casket because it was much cheaper than what we expected it to be. After looking through alot of your caskets, we choose the "In Gods Hands" casket and it was beautiful! Thank you all so much for being very helpful with the pick up process because without your help, we would be paying a fourtune. The price was awesome and worth paying for, the casket was perfect, the delivery was easy and worry free, and we were more than satisfied. If a lost may accure again, we'll sure to be a returning customer!"
Thank you so much,
Marilyn & Lynette Vallo
Honolulu, Hawaii

"My Mother In Law passed and we immediately started looking for caskets online. My Mother In Law was a flea market, yard sale, clearance sale type of person. How appropriate that we located a clearance section that had an Oak casket. It was simply beautiful. It was received the next morning in North Carolina after making the purchase. The funeral home director said they couldn't come close to the price for the great quality."
"If I ever have to shop for a casket again it will definitely be from your web site."
Daughter In Law of S. Montague,
North Carolina

"The funeral director and I opened the box to examine the casket and everything was great. He commented on how beautiful the casket was and ask where I purchased it. I think that he knows your company.
Just wanted to give you a heads up on the casket and many of my relatives have ask for your website address, as they will be needing your services in the future and was impressed, as I, with the speedy service, quality product and helpful nature of your company."
Neil N.
Bullard, TX

"What an experience – dealing with the passing of our Mom. We knew her time was limited, she was almost 90 years old, but “one never knows the time”.

I had searched the internet some time ago for caskets for Mom. I narrowed the search down to you and a couple of your competitors and chose the caskets I wanted the rest of the family to see. It was important to me for all of the family to participate in all of the decisions, no matter how grand or small.

The night I called you, my family had just finished looking at a broad selection of styles, colors, prices – but prices at the lower end – and liked yours the very best! You were at dinner with your wife when I called, but you took the time to speak with me and answer all of my questions. I was very nervous – shopping for a casket on the internet – I never would have dreamed I would do such.

Your follow-up service was most appreciated. We were continually updated on the process and progress. There were no surprises.
As I am sure you already know, your prices were competitive with the internet competition, but almost “free” when compared to the funeral home. For the same price as the Funeral Home (which we loved), we had a beautiful casket from you. The Funeral Home’s was extremely plain and looked liked it was painted with paint primer – flat grey.

The interior of the casket that we chose was exceptional. We all loved the sunburst effect on the inside of the lid. The rosetan crepe interior complemented Mom and was soft.

I believe we ordered the Tiffany model – and if you remember, you and I had some discussion as to whether or not it was a suitable model for a woman. Our family votes yes, without a doubt! It was simple, elegant, the two-toned paint was rich, the “gold” trimming was the perfect touch, not too gaudy, not too plain.

I have enclosed a picture of the gravesite – perhaps an odd thing to do, but it is the only one I have received yet, and I want you to see how beautiful it looked in the sun.

One last comment – I was so nervous that the casket would not arrive in time, or would be dented or scratched or not what I had hoped. The day the casket arrived at the funeral home Brian – the funeral director – opened it immediately for me – how kind! And I was so happy and proud. We had “done Mom good”!

Thank you again for all that you did for me and my family – I’m not sure you could possibly have an idea of how wonderful and comforting it was to deal with you. And, yes, I am recommending you to everyone I know! I am still smiling that we bought a casket over the internet!"

With much appreciation and sincerity,

Susan Roberts
Spring, TX
Funeral held in Newburgh, NY.

"On behalf of the family of the late Dorothy Hill we want to thank Matt and Bryan for their first class service. We received the casket in Portland,Oregon in just over 10 hours after ordering it. It was packed so that damage could not occur during shipping. We took it to our local funeral home where the director helped us un-crate it. He inspected it and said "A very well made casket at an almost unbeleivable price." He had absolutly no problem with our purchasing the casket from some one else. Last week we had the viewing and the services, everyone in the imediate and extended family were very pleased. Thank you for your help during our time of need."
The Hill Family
Klamath Falls, OR

"Death is never expected; but sometimes imminent. The murder of my 25-year old son was tragic for the whole family. He was so loved by many in Harford County, Maryland. Dignified Caskets is the proper name for your company. The services we received from you were astoundingly dignified. The quality of the casket was outstanding; befitting my son. The purchase price and fast delivery of the casket was unbelievable. At a sorrowful time in everyone's life; if you want to be treated with dignity, buy from Dignified Caskets. Matt, I can't thank you enough for all of your help and patience. Because of you, there was a calm amongst all the family to continue with the funeral arrangements after we purchased the casket from you. You have no idea, you helped us tremendously. I will and have recommended you to several in attendance at the funeral. Many did not know that you can purchase your own casket. The casket that we purchased from you would have cost us $2,995. Thank you again."

Mildred M. Samy
Orlando, FL

"Thank you Dignified Caskets for making a difficult time easier. Ordering the casket was very simple and it was delivered on time. It was so nice that you contacted the funeral home for us so we had one less thing to deal with. The casket was absolutely gorgeous and it was everything you said it would be in our phone conversation. The price was better than any other I could find and the quality of your product and service was high above our expectations. Thanks so much."
Tori O.
Glendale, CA

"Like most people my age, I never had a need to purchase a casket. I was actually doing research with multiple web pages pulled up when my father passed away. One web page stood out far beyond the others I had been viewing: DignifiedCaskets.com. Their simpler combination of both high quality caskets and extremely competitive prices was almost too good to be true.

Before placing my order on line, I called DignifiedCaskets to ask a few questions. Matt answered my call and was very helpful, fielding all my questions...

The next day I went to the funeral home to view my purchase. I was very pleased with what I saw, while even a member of the funeral home staff pointed out how he was impressed with the quality. Thanks DignifiedCaskets, this was one less thing I had to worry about."

Michael M.
Charlotte, NC

"Thank you so much for everything regarding the purchase of my Dad's casket. Doing this online for the first time made be very nervous.

You followed through with everything and the casket is beautiful. It is so nice to know that there are companies like yours that can be counted on to do what they say especially at a time when there is so much going on.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone in the future that might need your assistance, and I would certainly call on you again should the need arise."

Dayton Ohio

"I am Joe Conner of Tulsa Oklahoma. My sister of 84 years passed away last week. I contacted your firm and received excellent help in explaining how your firm can produce such a high quality product at a most reasonable price. When the casket arrived it was delivered directly to the funeral home. The person in charge opened the box and proceeded to review the product. HIS reply was " this is a better quality casket than I have upstairs for sale." Whoever is building this certainly knows workmanship. My sister when placed into the casket loked likke a young angel ready to fly. I can only say to a new customer, "BE NOT AFRAID"
" Those words were spoken years ago by an angel talking to the mother of Jesus so, Be not afariod, it is quality product."
Joe Conner
Tulsa, OK