Use Modern Ceiling Fans to Transform Your Living Spaces

As temperatures start to rise, one can’t help but think about the question on everybody’s mind as summer comes closer, which is still a couple of months away: “how can we best keep our home cool this summer?”

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a functional AC system in your home, it might be an idea to consider adding contemporary modern ceiling fans. Fans are great for many reasons: they let you control the temperature by room (something you cannot do with a central AC system); they are energy efficient; and best of all, you get to save money on your monthly electricity bill.

The design of fans has come a long way through the years. These days you will come across stylish options across a wide variety of price ranges.

How Ceiling A/C Transform Spaces

Designers may play around with some useful techniques that involve the use of pillows, paint, and your modern-day ceiling fan. This is just one way you can turn a dull looking room into something new. A/C companies almost always have a hand in brightening up one’s living space by providing the means to both cool your room and aesthetically pleasing.

Designers, on the other hand, will complement the look of your space by painting your fireplace and brightening up the room with some fun colors.

The thing is those air conditioning companies, and interior designers often work together to ensure a room turns into a functional and pleasing living area for the benefit of the occupants and to provide comfort to any visitors.

One thing most designers agree on are streamlined cooling systems! Minimal fans and clean lines are typically the best options to suit any decor style. That’s right. Whether you prefer modern, French country, traditional, or even a boho aesthetic, instead stick to a streamlined fixture.

Some modern fan designers are against fans that have light included. We are not sure why most of these are just fantastic! Technology has indeed come a long way in the lighting industry.

Upon purchasing a cooling fan, one person thought that there is no way a tiny bulb is going to light his entire living room, and of course, he was utterly wrong. It wasn’t just an icky blue-hued light either, contrary to his expectations. It turns out that it was the perfect warm glow the space needed. Best of all! It can be operated via a remote, and has an option for a timer, while it is hardwired to a switch. Do not ever let a ceiling fan deter you just because it has a built-in light. Sometimes they are the better, more functional option!

With regards to finish, any material goes as long as the shape, design, and quality is excellent. If a finish works with your space, it works. As simple as that. Some of you may disagree with other ceiling cooling device design posts that encourage consumers to steer away from white fixtures. White ceiling fans are not all that bad. Why may you ask?

Because white ceiling cooling devices that are mounted to a white ceiling magically disappear. In the best way possible! If you haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favor and buy yourself one. This way you would attract the least amount of attention to your ceiling and the fixture itself.

What is more, you will thoroughly enjoy the comforts of a ceiling air conditioning system, which included a gentle breeze, and the fixture itself will practically go unnoticed.

The thing with white ceiling ventilators is that one finish is not superior to another. It all depends on the amount of space you have, the quality of the blower, and of course your personal aesthetic.

Do not for one moment think that this is an endorsement for settling for specific kinds of modern-day ceiling fans over beautiful light fixtures or gorgeous chandeliers. But if you are in a relationship with someone who always complains they are hot, the only option you have left is to compromise on a ceiling ventilator.

In the end, you may very well love having the perfect air circulation and functionality of ceiling blower. They definitely have a place! Choose your battles, people. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your style or the integrity of a space!

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